Scrap WestConnex, commit to public transport

Despite the increased burden of congestion and pollution, the community has not seen any evidence of why this $16.8 billion road is being pushed through by the government.


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Shore to ship power urgently needed - Jamie Parker MP

White Bay Cruise Terminal

This week our local paper highlighted the ongoing problem with pollution at White Bay Cruise Terminal. We'll keep pressing for shore to ship power - the only real long term solution to the pollution endangering the health of local residents.  
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Anti poverty week - it's time for action

Why are people living in poverty in NSW?

This anti-poverty week, as in past years, we’ll see politicians from the major parties attending charity fundraisers and having their photographs taken at soup kitchens, conveniently forgetting, it seems, that it was their policies that led to the poverty crisis many people are currently experiencing....
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Air BnB to get green light in NSW, report says - Jamie Parker MP

Air BnB to get green light in NSW, report says

Home owners should be given the green light to let out spare rooms for cash on Airbnb and other "sharing economy" platforms without risking hefty fines from local councils, a report to be handed to the Baird government concludes. Read the full story here
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Jamie Parker Jamie Parker

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Keep White Bay beautiful: stop pollution from cruise ships - Jamie Parker MP

Keep White Bay clean

Help put pressure on the government to address the concerns of residents about air and noise pollution by writing to the Minister. For more information about cruise ship pollution in White Bay, click here
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Glebe Ferry - Jamie Parker MP

Glebe Ferry

  Imagine being able to hop on a ferry at Glebe and within minutes being on our beautiful harbour at Circular Quay instead of sitting on a bus fighting the congested roads in peak hour traffic. Whilst the Labor and Liberal parties continue to support...
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clean Politics Petition - NEW Jamie Parker MP

Clean Politics Petition

Are you shocked by the revelations at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) which brought down Premier Barry O'Farrell and continue to reveal influence-peddling and corruption at every turn? Then join me in my campaign to bring back clean politics and good governance for the...
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