Scrap WestConnex, commit to public transport

Despite the increased burden of congestion and pollution, the community has not seen any evidence of why this $16.8 billion road is being pushed through by the government.


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Hundreds turn out to support bus routes - Jamie Parker MP

Hundreds turn out for buses

Over 300 people turned out on Monday night for a public meeting in Leichhardt to support passengers and staff affected by the proposed sell off of Inner West bus routes.
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Malek Jandali for Refugee week - Jamie Parker MP

Malek Jandali in concert for Refugee Week

A very special concert for Refugee Week.
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Help artisans in Burma - Jamie Parker MP

Help artisans in Burma

A social enterprise from Balmain needs your help to support poor communities in Myanmar.
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Jamie Parker Jamie Parker

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No WestConnex mid-point tunnel site in Leichhardt

No WestConnex mid-point tunnel site in Leichhardt

  Sign our letter telling the Minister for WestConnex we don't want a damaging and dangerous tunnel site in Leichhardt.
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clean politics charter

Clean politics charter

Join me in my campaign to bring back clean politics and good governance for the people of NSW.
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Stop pollution from cruise ships

Clean air for White Bay

Help put pressure on the government to address our concerns  about air and noise pollution by installing shore to ship power at White Bay.  
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