Light Rail for Parramatta Road

Join our campaign to get, clean, efficient, light rail up Parramatta Rd!


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Mates on the Move graduate - Jamie Parker MP

Mates on the Move graduate

I was very honoured to be invited to the first Mates on the Move graduation ceremony. 
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News on Glebe Island Bridge - Jamie Parker MP

News on Glebe Island Bridge

The 112-year-old swing bridge to Glebe Island has been permanently in the open position for the past 10 years.
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Jamie wants your story! - Jamie Parker MP

Jamie wants your story!

We want to feature the voices of members of our local community in my newsletters and on our Facebook page. Do you know someone who deserves to have their story told?
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Jamie Parker Jamie Parker

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clean politics charter

Clean politics charter

Join me in my campaign to bring back clean politics and good governance for the people of NSW.
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Stop pollution from cruise ships

Clean air for White Bay

Help put pressure on the government to address our concerns  about air and noise pollution by installing shore to ship power at White Bay.  
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