Bidura site under threat again

A new Development Application has been lodged for the Bidura site in Glebe.

The previous development application was opposed by hundreds of people because of the huge impact it will have on this state significant heritage item and the local neighbourhood. 

The Land and Environment Court’s refusal to approve the development vindicated our concerns.

This latest application will no doubt be opposed by even more local residents than the previous one, because it is equally unsuitable.

I call on the Minister for Finance and Property to buy the building back in order to safeguard this fine heritage item and local amenity.

The site is incredibly important to Glebe residents because it includes Bidura House, the historically significant villa which was designed in Victorian Regency style by renowned architect Edmund Blacket.

The Bidura building is the last remaining 1850s villa within a garden setting on the eastern side of Glebe Point Road.

It was pure folly to sell such a sensitive site, and it now it’s up to the government to admit they were wrong and put the site back into public hands.

The government should be protecting heritage sites like this, not ruining them with residential developments. Our community needs childcare centres and community facilities, not more residential apartment towers.


More information: Jamie Parker 96607586

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  • commented 2017-06-11 18:49:30 +1000
    I understand that development is necessary but I question the extent of apartments needed, and the planning behind the feverish level of high rise buildings that are choking the city. We have a short history in comparison to many nations and therefore the amount of historical building that have our history embedded in them is minimal. To see them demolished for yet another box of apartments that speak only to profit and not to connection and the continuing story of who we are and the way we fashioned our lives until now is disheartening. Where possible lets keep them safe as part of the communities that treasure them. Once they are gone there is no turning back.
  • commented 2017-06-05 12:27:36 +1000
    Agreed ten fold !
  • commented 2017-06-02 17:39:04 +1000
    Save our heritage buildings!

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