Don't privatise our buses

Sign our petition against the privatisation of Inner West bus routes.

Dear Premier Berejiklian and Minister Constance,

Sydney deserves world class public transport, and the bus system is a critical part of this.

The answer to improving bus services is not for the government simply to wash their hands of the matter and sell them off.

Instead, we need to see a genuine commitment to improving these public transport services with proper investment in making sure the people of the Inner West can get where they need to go in the most efficient way possible.

If the network is privatized, we are concerned about the impact on both services and jobs.

We want better bus services, not a sell off.

Yours sincerely,

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    The inner west are my only transport don’t jeopardize the quality.

    Don’t vote to put people out of work!!!
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    Sign the petition: Don't privatise our buses
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    Sign the petition: Don't privatise our buses
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    Public transport is an essential service which shoudl the government of the day should guarantee, value and invest in.
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    rosslyn m devitt
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    Don’t you dare sell our buses! They’re ours not yours. You’ve done enough damage to Sydney and NSW. 😈
  • signed 2017-07-26 14:11:33 +1000
    Be glad to see the last of this liberal government, they are suppose to represent the people, but all they are doing is flogging everything off to their greedy corporate mates, are the scumbags?
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    gabby potrykus
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    Government cannot provide min standard of service of bus routes if they are not making a profit in the private hand.
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    Privatisation is just for profit.

    Keep our public transport… public!
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    Goodness me this is a terrible policy for many older people, less mobile and parents of young children as well other bus and train passengers in our suburbs who used to get around efficiently. But now passengers find the bus does not go where they have to go to and because of the ripping up of George Street no buses go to the centre of Sydney and trips take longer. Wonderful Bus Drivers do a great job with very bad transport decisions and uncaring politicians who are too blind to see what is required to get passengers from A to B. Don’t sell off the buses!! Make better decisions and think of passengers first!!
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    Sign the petition: Don't privatise our buses
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    State Transit Bus Drivers have already had their Industry Allowance stopped, costing thousands of dollars a year. They will lose more from their pay, their hard fought rights, and jobs with privatisation. This is proven all over the world wherever any industry or service is privatised. Australian citizens deserve to have a public owned public transport service that isn’t sold off to solely benefit the party donors who will snap up this industry cheaply.
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