Expand Sydney Secondary College’s Leichhardt campus

The Inner West has experienced an unprecedented baby boom in recent years and we are in urgent need of a plan to address this ongoing growth. 

Population density of children aged 0-4 in the Balmain electorate is 5 times higher than the state-wide average. 

This density will only increase. In the decade to 2011, there was a 26% growth in the number of children aged 0-14, compared to 5% growth Sydney-wide. 

Locally, this means our schools are overcrowded and our children do not have the funding, resources and learning space they need. 

Sydney Secondary College’s Leichhardt campus enrolments have increased by 70% over the past 11 years – from 1200 students to 2100. 

I am writing to ask the State government to hand over the adjacent disused land for the use of the school, to provide our local students with the space they need to learn.


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