Lilyfield Cycleway Proposal

Lilyfield Cycleway

The Inner West Council want to build a two-way cycleway along Lilyfield Road.  Council’s proposal will have an enormously negative impact on our community:

  • Sections of Lilyfield Road will become one way, forcing traffic to spill onto local residential roads.
  • Local residents will lose 110 car parking spaces.
  • Motorists will be forced to alight from and unpack their vehicles while standing in bike lanes.

It’s unacceptable that the Mayor and Council have pushed forward with this botched plan and consistently failed to listen to feedback from their community.

Tell Council that you don’t want this new, poorly planned and wasteful cycleway proposal.

To the Inner West Council,

Your proposal for a two-way cycleway along Lilyfield Road poses significant safety risks for cyclists and local residents and will increase traffic significantly in local streets.

Considering Lilyfield Road already functions well as a bike route, it’s pointless to spend funds on a new cycleway without considering the enormous negative impact on our local streets.

I urge you to listen to feedback from your community and abandon this botched plan.

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    Pre-planned, no public consultation, will have major impact on traffic flow, no contingency for traffic alternatives.
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    This area is already a rat run and Alfred Street is highly dangerous with spending cars. If they come the other way it will just be a highway!!
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    Parking is a big issue. This cycleway would also be dangerous due to the steep sections of the road. Lilyfield Rd should not be made one way in some sections.
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    Great that you’re on the right side of this issue. As a resident I am concerned there may be times when I cannot get a park within R1 and will be fined.
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    This whole concept is poorly considered and riddled with flaws. I see no reason why cyclists and motorists cannot co-exist.
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    The unbroken cycleway is adequate for the numbers who use it ( the go to and return am and pm ) If its a danger reduce the speed limit to 40kph and leave it as is. I dont want the city traffic in my light residential street.
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