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Media release: Balmain West Wharf closure: Government ignores need for accessible transport

Greens MP Jamie Parker has slammed the Liberal State government for closing Balmain West Wharf despite it being a vital and fully accessible transport option connecting Balmain to the CBD.

The closure was confirmed today as part of the government’s announcement on new ferry and bus timetables.

Greens MP Jamie Parker said:

“Balmain West is an accessible wharf and therefore provides an invaluable service to those with disabilities or mobility issues and those using prams.

“I’ve been campaigning alongside the community to keep the wharf as a vital access point for many people who need to travel between the CBD and Balmain.

“The government has ignored calls from residents to retain the wharf to ensure access for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to use public transport.

“I am committed to improving public transport in the Inner West and broader Sydney and am pushing for more and better services, integrated timetabling between buses and ferries, and better planning for our long-term transport needs.

“This short-sighted decision follows the recent lodgement of the Development Application for the Nutrimetics site in Elliott Street, which will see hundreds of new residents in need of transport connections.

 “If this government is serious about ensuring accessible transport, the Minister must reverse this decision as well as committing to the urgent upgrade of Balmain East wharf, which is Sydney’s 2nd busiest commuter wharf yet isn’t accessible.

“Closing Balmain West wharf without first upgrading Balmain East is short-sighted and poor planning,” Mr Parker said. 

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