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Media Release: Community forces Department to act on Rozelle towers

The state's planning authority has written to the developer of the former Balmain Tigers site advising the proposed plans are "unacceptable for the site".

Greens MP Jamie Parker has been working closely with the community campaign against the overdevelopment and welcomed the Department's comments however said that the plan needs a complete rethink, not simply adjustments to the existing proposal.

"The impacts of this gross overdevelopment cannot be addressed by feeble amendments – there needs to be a fundamental rethinking of the site," Mr Parker said. 

"It's crucial that we keep the pressure on the Department and the Planning Assessment Commission to ensure a positive outcome for the community.

"I have written to the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure requesting a meeting between representatives of Leichhardt Council, community group Rozelle Residents Action Group and myself, with representatives from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

"This opportunity will allow the community and Council to put their views to the Department and to obtain an update on the development process.

"I will continue to work in the Parliament to stand up for the community and ensure the Minister, the Department and the Planning Assessment Commission know that we will not stand by and allow an overdevelopment of the site.

"I commend the dedicated members of the Rozelle Residents Action Group and the many community members who have worked tirelessly to highlight the completely inappropriate and damaging aspects of the developer's plans," Mr Parker said.

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