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Media Release: Pollution caused by cruise ships docked at White Bay

Pollution caused by cruise ships docked at White Bay is causing health concerns for local residents, with many complaining that government pollution monitoring is inadequate. Greens MP Jamie Parker has called a public meeting to hear residents’ concerns and says the government must act urgently.

Public meeting:
6pm Tuesday 26 November
Clontarf Cottage - 4 Wallace St Balmain

Mr Parker said:

“Residents are being directly impacted by excessive pollution caused by the exhaust fumes of cruise ships docked at White Bay and I am doing everything I can to find a solution.

 “The government must address the concerns of residents who are complaining of health impacts as a result of the pollution.

  “I am calling on the government to regularly monitor pollution at street level and to ensure the results are independently analysed and made public.

 “Current monitoring is inadequate and inaccurate, with readings taken from a hill rather than at street level where residents are complaining of direct health impacts.

 “Options such as shore-to-ship power need to be considered to minimise pollution.

  “I encourage concerned residents to join our campaign by signing the online petition on my website:

 “It’s vital that we put pressure on the government to institute proper monitoring which is accurate and independently analysed,” Mr Parker said.

 Public meeting:

6pm - 7pm Tuesday 26th November

Clontarf Cottage - 4 Wallace St Balmain

RSVP: 9660 7586 or

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