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Media Release: release Fire station closures leave residents at risk: Greens MP

Rally for fire fighters - 12pm Saturday 23 November 2013 opposite Balmain Fire Station

Greens MP Jamie Parker will host a rally to call on the Liberal government to properly fund the Fire and Rescue NSW budget to prevent ongoing temporary closures of local fire stations. Lack of funding has resulted in fire stations in Leichhardt, Balmain and Glebe being forced to close temporarily due to staff shortages.

Come along and support our hardworking fire fighters:

12pm Saturday 23 November 2013 - Opposite Balmain Fire Station, 391 Darling Street, Balmain.

Mr Parker said:

“The Liberal government is failing to properly fund the Fire and Rescue NSW budget, impacting on the ability of fire stations to hire replacement staff for those off sick or on leave.

“This has resulted in a number of occasions when our community has been at increased risk as fire stations in Leichhardt, Balmain and Glebe have been forced to close temporarily due to staff shortages.

“I am calling on the Premier to fully fund these vital services and support our hard working fire fighters.

“I am holding this rally in support of our local fire fighters, who work hard every day to keep us all safe,” Mr Parker said.

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