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Media Release: Residents win increased pollution monitoring at White Bay

Residents have won a commitment from Sydney Ports for additional monitoring of the pollution being

Greens MP Jamie Parker said:

 “Residents have the right to breathe clean air and not be subjected to unacceptable noise and pollution, especially in their own homes.

 “The needs of residents must be considered by government agencies such as Sydney Ports, and I was pleased to facilitate this meeting to ensure the community is heard.

 “As a result of the meeting, Sydney Ports committed to undertaking additional pollution monitoring, in response to the very serious concerns raised by residents.

 “I am also reviewing the existing regulatory standards for acceptable pollution levels and where appropriate we will be pushing for them to be re-evaluated.

“I will continue to put pressure on Sydney Ports to abide by existing EPA levels but will also be looking at the need to re-evaluate the appropriateness of those levels.

“I have been shocked to hear from residents about the impact that cruise ship pollution has had on them and I am committed to seeking a genuine long term solution as soon as possible.”

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