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Media Release: Unfair and discriminatory mandatory sentencing regime has bi-partisan support

The Legislative Assembly today passed the Government’s second tranche of mandatory sentencing laws, with only independent and Green members of the house voting against it.  

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson, David Shoebridge, said:

“This vote today shows just how far both the Liberal Government and Labor Opposition have committed to the law and order auction in this state.  

“Mandatory sentencing has been almost universally condemned by legal and community groups as being ineffective in reducing crime while increasing discrimination against vulnerable people in our communities.

“Despite being given the chance to vote against this legislation in the Parliament, the ALP simply waved it through the lower house.

 “Of course this vote wasn’t about principle or good policy, it was all about politics.

“The real action on the bill will have to await an upper house debate when Parliament resumes on the 18 March 2014,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens MP for Balmain Jamie Parker said:

“If mandatory sentencing is wrong in principle, and it is, then MPs of good conscience should vote against it.

“The people of NSW are looking for a principled opposition in this state, it is a sad day when only 3 electorates in the State had MPs willing to take a stand.

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