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Sign our community submission to the WestConnex Stage 3 Environmental Impact Statement, which is currently on exhibition for public comment.

Read the submission organised by community group Leichhardt Against WestConnex regarding the Darley Road mid-point tunnelling site. 

If you have made any donations to a political party, or would like to make your own detailed submission, you can do so at this page. You might want to mention some of these additional reasons for objecting to WestConnex stage 3. 

Please add your name to our community submission below. The deadline is 16th October.

Attn: Secretary, re: WestConnex M4- M5 Link EIS, project number SSI 16_7485

I write to express my strong objection to the WestConnex M4-M5 Link tollroad proposal.

  • Building WestConnex will increase air pollution and global warming and encourage more car use, quickly filling the increased road capacity.
  • Increasing vehicle use by inducing more cars onto the road increases the risks related to climate change, including extreme rainfall and extreme heat events.
  • This stage of WestConnex also facilitates the building of the Western Harbour Tunnel, which will see tunnels bored under the Balmain peninsula and generate a need for yet more exhaust stacks in and around Balmain.
  • WestConnex is not a sustainable solution to Sydney's congestion problem. It will have unacceptable impacts on the health and well-being of local communities, such as increasing toxic pollution levels from unfiltered exhaust smoke stacks located near schools and parks, especially in Rozelle.
  • The government has not committed to a genuine consultation process - it released this M4-M5 Link proposal just two weeks after submissions closed for comment on the concept design, and only provided an eight week consultation period. This does not allow sufficient time for submissions from the community. 

Yours sincerely,

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    Sign the petition: WestConnex stage 3 submission
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    Sign the petition: WestConnex stage 3 submission
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    Kim Caldwell
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    The government needs to urgently hold a public meeting where they can meet the objections of its citizens face to face !
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    Peter Kuestler
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    Sign the petition: WestConnex stage 3 submission
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    WestConnex has been proven to not represent value for money to the commuting and business public whose taxes have been stolen to pay for it. Its own EIS documents show that the new tollways will be jammed solid with traffic jams within 8 years from the opening date, rendering the business case inaccurate to the point of fraud. The BCR of WestConnex depends on massively optimistic time saving estimates that have no basis in reality. As the real BCR is below 1.0, the tollway was never worth committing money to, and every day that the sham of building WestConnex continues millions of taxpayer dollars are wasted, disappearing into the insatiable maw of corporate crime. WestConnex has already failed as a preventative of congestion, and succeeds only as a money laundering exercise.
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    Anthony D Backhouse
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    My concerns are the creation of rat runs through the suburbs close to Westconnex so that they don’t have to pay the fees; also I will be in direct line from the unfiltered stacks-there is enough pollution now from overhead planes and Victoria Rd car exhaust fumes; concern re ongoing vibration underneath once the tunnels are being used and also structural damage to the home, let alone the effect on property prices.
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    Sign the petition: WestConnex stage 3 submission
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    Westconnex is both a disgrace and a shameful shambles.
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    This is REALLY important.
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    Sign the petition: WestConnex stage 3 submission
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