Scrap WestConnex, commit to public transport

Let the Premier know we want world class public transport, not more toll roads.


Dear Premier

We call on the government to scrap WestConnex and commit to public transport instead.

Successive state governments have repeatedly failed to create the public transport system our growing city needs.

Despite the increased burden of congestion and pollution, the community has not seen any evidence of why this $10, $13, $15, $16.8 billion road is being pushed through by the government.

We say there is a better way.

The light rail can carry 7,500 people per hour, compared to a general road lane which carries 2,000 people per hour.

The Greens are calling for a commitment to public transport which includes:

  • An Inner West Light Rail Link heading up Parramatta Road, connecting the CBD to the Inner West
  • The proposed Western Sydney Light Rail Network, which would connect Parramatta CBD to regional employment hubs such as Macquarie Park and Castle Hill
  • Buying back the Airport Link from the private operator and slashing the Station Access Fee, which will take thousands off the road
  • Investing in park-and-ride facilities at major train stations to encourage and divert thousands of commuters off the major roads and onto the public transport system as they commute into the city
  • Integrating the cycleways for the West and Inner West of Sydney.




Will you sign?