20 hectares of mature tree canopy destroyed in inner west

Trees make our city more beautiful and liveable. A thriving urban tree canopy gives us clean air, reduces heat and provides critical habitat for wildlife.

But in just 12 months the Inner West Council has facilitated the clearing of over 37 football fields of tree canopy. Read the full story in the Sydney Morning Herald.

This is environmental vandalism on an unprecedented scale. 

The destruction is thanks to Labor and Liberal Councillors who voted together to dismantle the existing tree Development Control Policy to make it easier to rip out mature, healthy trees in our local area. Developers are cheering the new anti-tree policy because it allows even more intense development.

Sign the petition to tell Labor and Liberal Councillors to scrap their destructive policy.

New statistics released by Council and reported in the Sydney Morning Herald show trees in Sydney’s inner west are now being chopped down at twice the rate they were just two years ago.

As a result, tree canopy coverage has fallen to just 17% in the inner west - below the city-wide target of 40%. 

Despite these alarming statistics, Labor and Liberal Councillors are still defending their destructive policy. Click here to tell them you want to protect our trees.

Thank you to everyone who has backed our ongoing campaign to protect nature in the inner west. This includes the Council's own Environment Committee, the Total Environment Centre, arborists, ecology experts, city planners, and residents.

It was your efforts that helped us soften this policy when it was originally introduced but it is clear the policy now needs to be dumped all together. 

View the full Urban Forest Update delivered to Inner West Councillors here: 


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