30 new electric buses for the inner west

This year I have been focused on delivering local solutions to climate change with clean, green public transport improvements at the top of the list. 


I’m delighted that we’ve just secured another huge win with the NSW government announcing they will replace the entire 8000-bus fleet with electric-powered vehicles by 2030. 

Better yet they will be rolling out the first 50 electric buses to Sydney next year with 30 of those buses coming to the inner west! Share the good news on Facebook.

Thank you to the 3,000 people who signed our petition calling for electric buses for Sydney.
 This win is the result of a collective community effort that has involved countless meetings, letters and questions in NSW Parliament.

In the past six weeks dozens of residents have letterboxed copies of our petition across the local area generating hundreds of new signatures. Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered their time.

Many local residents have already experienced these buses as part of the four vehicle electric bus trial we secured for the inner west last year. See the trial results here.

The trial showed that these electric buses are quieter, produce less CO2 than conventional buses (even when powered by the grid), are almost 70% cheaper to refuel and cost less to maintain. 

Thank you again to everyone who backed this campaign. I’m committed to building on this win and pushing the government to deliver our vision for a world class public transport system across Sydney.

This includes calling for the government to commit to building these electric buses locally and rolling back the privatisation of bus services in NSW. 

Published Thursday 3 December 2020. 

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