$6.5 million more for Callan Park

Last week I joined the Minister for Cities to announce an additional $6.5 million to repair and revitalize Callan Park, bringing total funding for our park to $20.5 million.

Watch news coverage on 7News here.

This is such a huge win for our community. The new funding will go towards completing a fantastic waterfront revitalization at Callan Park including:

  • Removing the waterfront parking area and upgrading the Bay Run between King George Park and Glover St
  • Removing intrusive buildings on the waterfront to create more green open space
  • New picnic facilities, toilets and amenities, and 
  • Upgrading the heritage-listed 497 building directly behind the waterfront ovals to give the Balmain Tigers Football Club a new club house for their 2,900 registered players. 

See images of what the revitalised waterfront will look like here. These projects are beginning now so if you’re down by the waterfront over the summer, you can expect to see work underway.

The transformation we are seeing on Callan Park is long overdue and comes as the result of years of successful community advocacy. 

Thank you to every resident who has signed a petition or written to my office. Thank you to the Friends of Callan Park for their tireless efforts to protect and improve this precious site and thank you to the sporting clubs, including Balmain Tigers Football Club who keep our park alive. 

After years of demolition by neglect from successive Labor and Liberal governments, it is so wonderful to see so much progress being made to repair and revitalize Callan Park. 

If it wasn't for our community campaigns over the years, there would be apartments and a retirement home on Callan Park - not a plan to make it a beautiful green open space. 

From the newly refurbished Callan Park Main Gates to nature play and the heritage restoration of Kirkbride, there is now so much happening on-site. See an update on all the capital works underway here.  

Thank you again to everyone who has made this fantastic win happen.

05 December 2022

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