Scores of trees throughout the streets of Leichhardt have been severely damaged by Ausgrid contractors carrying out so-called “tree trimming” around power lines.


Greens MP Jamie Parker has expressed dismay at the overzealous cutting by the contractors which was carried out without a trained arborist present on site.

“Street trees give character and elegance to Leichhardt’s streets and are an essential and much loved feature of our neighbourhoods. To see them so badly pruned – in many cases down to unsightly stumps - has caused a great deal of distress in the community,” Mr Parker said.

“The trees of Elswick Street, Carlisle Street and Cromwell Street among others have been cut by up to 6 metres.

“In response to contact from my office, Ausgrid agreed to meet with local council staff and have now committed to having a qualified arborist supervising all further tree cutting, and to giving local residents better notifications about future cutting works.” While this is a step forward it is clear that Ausgrid needs to reform its trimming policy to reflect community expectations.

“Over 200 residents have now signed our petition to the Energy Minister calling on him to oblige Ausgrid to rein in this excessive tree cutting which is ruining our streetscape and affecting native wildlife.

Sign our petition to the Energy Minister here.

Further information contact Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain 0418 428 089.

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