A Win for our Street Trees!

Today we had a breakthrough. 

The CEO of Ausgrid has now made a commitment that they will reduce the ‘second pruning’ of street trees.

As you know, we have been working hard to urge Ausgrid to abandon it’s destructive tree cutting in our local community. Our huge petition, recent community meeting in Haberfield, media coverage, advocacy by local residents and your letters to the local paper have had a major impact.

The contractor for Ausgrid has been carrying out a two stage pruning. The first stage is for a clearance of 1 meter around powerlines and the second stage of pruning is to allow for regrowth so the branches won’t enter the clearance distance before their next visit.

While this sounds reasonable we have seen this ‘second stage’ lead to the huge cutbacks which have destroyed the streetscape, butchered habitat and destroyed many trees.

Ausgrid have indicated that the maximum trimming for regrowth will now only be 0.5 meters. Now we need to hold them to it.

While this is a win for our campaign it won’t bring back the trees already mutilated by Ausgrid.

It will, however, help save thousands of other tree set for ‘trimming’ in Sydney.

I will continue to work to ensure Ausgrid replaces killed tress and is held accountable for their actions.

Sign our petition to hold Ausgrid to this

I encourage you to be vigilant. If your local streets are being trimmed aggressively please contact my office immediately.


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