Good news on Callan Park

In recent weeks, we've had some positive pieces of news around Callan Park in Rozelle.

We have been working to secure this precious space once and for all for many years, after defeating proposals by the former Labor government to develop and commercialise the site.

Callan Park is now managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage. The Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton, has now confirmed that the government will not permit any apartments or commercial developments on the site. Her predecessor, Mark Speakman, had previously said he was considering a commercial development option.

Defeating these plans for commercialisation is a major success. Minister Upton cited my strong representation as one of the reasons for her decision to protect the park from commercial development. This decision is a tribute to the Friends of Callan Park and everyone who has supported our campaign over the years.

In other good news, the Minister has agreed to the upgrading of the waterfront oval at the site, subject to the relevant approvals.

I met the Minister and her Chief of Staff again on Thursday, and I’m absolutely committed to working for an independent trust to manage the park and secure its future.

I was lucky enough to spend some time in the beautiful surrounds of Callan Park, opening the outdoor exhibition Lost Voices in Callan Park, which highlights the historical attachment to Callan Park and Broughton Hall by the diverse people who lived, worked and visited the site.

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