AGL acknowledges corrosive influence of “big business” donations

MEDIA RELEASE - August 26, 2016
In a statement issued on Wednesday, AGL recognise “that the community perception is [political donations] may constitute undue influence from ‘big business’ on government.”

Greens anti-corruption spokesperson, Jamie Parker MP, said it was a significant announcement by AGL that the company will no longer make political donations.

“Corporate donations have a corrosive influence on democracy and undermine confidence in the political system. It is particularly the case in the mining and resource sector where decisions of government determine the success of failure of major resource projects,” said Mr Parker.  

“The Greens have been calling on the government to ban corporate donations. This is particularly relevant for resource companies who rely on direct government approvals for their businesses.

“It is remarkable how far behind the NSW government is on this issue when a large industry player makes this decision ahead of a government that publicly expresses concern about corruption risk.

“AGL’s announcement puts additional pressure on the government to reform political donations to ensure that decisions are made on merit not money.

“I congratulate the campaign by community groups including the tenacious work of Groundswell Gloucester and Stop CSG Sydney that have pressured AGL with a weekly protest outside the company's offices in North Sydney for over 100 weeks.”


For further comment from Jamie Parker: 0413581603 (Lesa de Leau)

AGL statement can be found here

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