All aboard the Inner West Light Rail: new line open today

All aboard the Inner West Light Rail: new line open today

After over a decade of campaigning for the Inner West Light Rail extension,  today
I joined its inaugural journey from Dulwichjamie_light_rail.jpg Hill to Central.

This was a very special moment for me and for the hundreds of residents and campaigners who have been pushing for this crucial infrastructure for so long,

This is a real testimony to the power of community campaigning - we could never have won this campaign without the support of residents who rallied, signed petitions, wrote letters and forced the government to support sustainable public transport.

Despite being in power for over a decade, the former Labor government did nothing to improve public transport in our area.

I’m delighted that after fighting for increased investment in public transport for over a decade, I’ve been part of delivering this crucial extension.

I’m committed to keep on fighting for further expansion of light rail - the community has overwhelmingly supported our plans to expand light rail along Parramatta road and to Balmain, with close to 10,000 signatures on our online petition.

Sign our petition to allow student travel on light rail:
I’m confident a project like this could be a game changer for local business and commuters and I’m committed to keep on fighting for it.

I’m also pushing to allow students to use their transport passes on light rail - light rail travel is currently not allowed using the school transport pass, which means students have to buy daily or weekly tickets if they want to use the light rail.

Allowing school students to travel on light rail would also alleviate pressure on other public transport services that are used by inner-city commuters. 



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