A Ferry stop for Annandale!

Imagine being able to hop on a ferry at Annandale and within minutes being on our beautiful harbour at Circular Quay instead of sitting on a bus fighting the congested roads in peak hour traffic.


Whilst the Labor and Liberal parties continue to support multi-billion dollar tollways the Greens are working for common sense alternatives that will benefit the community and deliver real results.

And that solution is world class public transport.

Dear Minister Constance,

A ferry service at Rozelle Bay in Annandale would provide efficient, fast and environmentally sound travel to and from the area for workers, tourists, students, pensioners and the general public.  

I therefore ask that the Government establish a ferry service at Rozelle Bay for the Annandale area.

Yours sincerely,

Who's signing

Mozelle Moses
Heidi Bischof
Greg Quail
Jennifer Barron
Carolyn Ohno
Belinda Thomas
Corinne Payne
Frances Anthony
Samantha Warren
Luke Harris
Damian Wong
Jane Burgess
Ryan O’Donnell
Laura Barron
Michael O’Donnell
Kathy O’Donnell
Beverley Wooding
Elizabeth Kennedy
Gary Tannous
Ann Watchirs
Dana Rathova
Lillian Wright
Rachel Silver
David Leyshon
Kara Mcewan
Alistair Guthrie
William Judge
Martin Hampton
Belinda Cochrane
Paul Hick

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