Appropriate development for Rozelle

I have been working for 10 years to ensure that redevelopment of the Balmain Tigers site is appropriate and sustainable. 

Save_Rozelle_NB_banner.jpgWhen Mayor of Leichhardt Council I was on the Joint Regional Planning Panel which unanimously rejected a 2010 application that was half the size of subsequent proposals from Rozelle Village Pty Ltd. 


2015_Rozelle_Village.pngOne of the main reasons for refusal was evidence showing it would create traffic gridlock.

One of the main reasons for refusal was evidence showing it would create traffic gridlock.


The developer is back with a proposal for two towers of eight and twelve storeys, 135 apartments, 369 car spaces, large retail area, a proposed pedestrian bridge over Victoria Road. There is also space for the leagues club, but at market rent!

The current proposal, which will be decided by the Land and Environment Court in March 2016, will also lead to traffic gridlock, ruin the local high street retail, and monster the surrounding residences.I’m a long-time supporter of the Balmain Tigers Club and I’m appalled the developer has continually failed to put forward an acceptable proposal for this important site.

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  • Minifie Jennie
    commented 2016-06-02 19:01:08 +1000
    LMC established sound planning controls following the gazettal of conservation areas in the 80s after a strenuous campaign by the LRAG and several famous councillors. Those controls are better than pissweak policy statements that issue from the current Dept of Planning. Don’t accept second best.

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