As ICAC wraps, NSW Libs' crisis deepens

September 12, 2014. MEDIA RELEASE

This afternoon as Operation Spicer wraps up, the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has taken a tenth scalp from the NSW Liberal party. Member for Port Stephens, Craig Baumann, has finally stood aside after allegations of secret funding from developers, doctoring receipts and tax evasion.

"Craig Baumann's resignation from his party highlights the extraordinary depth of corruption in the NSW Liberal party that has been exposed by ICAC," said Greens MP Jamie Parker. "The unprecedented count is now ten NSW Liberals to stand aside or resign from parliament."

"ICAC has revealed a culture of criminality and corruption in both the NSW Labor and Liberal parties in the race for political donations.

"Today's hearings increase pressure on the government to act now and fundamentally reform the election funding system before the next election.

"The Greens are calling on the government to reduce the corrosive influence of political donations and introduce serious sanctions for breaching electoral rules to ensure the 2015 state election is not compromised.

"It defies belief that Senator Arthur Sinodinos, who was assistant treasurer and chairman of his party's finance committee, was unaware of the illegality of the political donations to the Liberals," said Mr Parker.



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