August 21, 2014. MEDIA RELEASE

This afternoon, NSW Premier Mike Baird, announced an amended Ministerial Code, which means NSW Ministers who breach the Ministerial Code of Conduct will in future be subject to the full authority of the ICAC.

The new Code also includes tighter rules for disclosure of pecuniary interests of Ministers and their immediate family, as well as a ban on Ministers holding or acquiring an interest in any company or business.

Greens MP Jamie Parker says Premier Baird still fails to address the core issue of corruption.

“Whilst I acknowledge it’s a positive step, Premier Baird fails to address what is at the heart of the corrupted system in this state – and that is political donations,” says Jamie Parker MP.

Earlier this week, Jamie Parker also called on Premier Baird to bring forward the Schott review.

“The people of NSW are angry and fed up. We need to reduce the amount of political donations that fuels distrust of our democracy. State politics should be about representing the people, not raising political donations from wealthy donors with vested interests.

“That is why, next month when Parliament sits again, I will be presenting legislation which addresses the failings in our current system.

“The Greens’ model will increase public funding, reduce the expenditure caps and remove the incentive for corruption. That is the key to addressing corruption.

“The confidence in our democracy is at stake and the government needs to act before the next election to ensure public confidence in the 2015 poll.


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