Barangaroo asbestos find: government agency lacks transparency

April 20, 2012 MEDIA RELEASE
Greens MP Jamie Parker has called for a transparent review of contamination remediation plans at Barangaroo following revelations that Lend Lease has known about potentially deadly asbestos on the site for five years but failed to inform the public.

"Building workers and the general public are understandably alarmed by recent discoveries of multiple sites within Barangaroo containing asbestos contamination," Mr Parker said.

"In a gross miscarriage of responsibilities by Lend Lease, workers weren't warned about the presence of this dangerous material, nor trained in its handling,

"Considering Lend Lease knew about the asbestos, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority - a government agency - should have also known yet failed to inform the public or even the workers.

"Public safety must be the foremost concern of the Liberal government however it clearly isn't managing the remediation of Barangaroo with this in mind.

"The Auditor has previously raised the issue of possible asbestos contamination, however apparently received no response from the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, a fact which was noted with concern in the Barangaroo Independent Remediation Review released last November.

"Premier O'Farrell should halt further work at Barangaroo until a comprehensive, independent and transparent remediation plan has been developed and made available to the public," Mr Parker said.

More information: Louise Stewart 9660 7586 

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