Barangaroo casino for private profit not public good

October 29, 2012 MEDIA RELEASE
Commenting on a report in the Daily Telegraph, Greens MP and Member for Balmain Jamie Parker highlighted the complicity between Labor, Liberal and the Packer empire.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Paul Keating and his high-powered mates get their way. That's why the community needs to join together to oppose these moves," said Mr Parker.


"This is an iconic waterfront site that belongs to the people of NSW. It is shocking that it may be appropriated by the Packer empire to build an unnecessary 2nd casino which will generate huge private profits while serving no public good.

"I'm appalled by Mr Keating's calls for Mr Packer's casino to be built over the water, after the community resoundingly rejected previous proposals for a hotel over the water.

"It is disgraceful that both the Labor and Liberal parties are supporting Mr Packer's outrageous proposal for a 2nd casino, despite no tender and no public consultation and reports of no casino licence fee. Apparently the rules don't apply when you're a billionaire.

"Why should one billionaire be able to irrevocably change the face of such an iconic habourside site? Where is the opportunity for Sydneysiders to have their say?

"Only the Greens are standing up for the community against this shameful abuse of power, money and influence.

"The last thing Sydney needs is another casino, regardless of the location."

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