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The cruelty of Tony Abbott's first budget is unprecedented. It will hurt ordinary Australians while corporate profits are put first. Sign our petition to show you stand for an Australia that cares.


For young people: If you have finished study but don't have a job you must wait 6 months before you can get any income support.

If you need to see a doctor: Australia will no longer have universal healthcare and instead you will be forced to pay a $7 co-payment. 

If you are a student: $4.2 billion has been cut from students or university funding

If you are looking forward to the old age pension: You will now need to wait until you are 70 Years old.

If you are a single parent: Your payment will be reduced even further

Public schools, the environment, the ABC, SBS, and public servants have all also taken a hit.

But you dont need to sit back and take it. You can take action to stop Tony Abbot's brutal budget.

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