Success on deadly crossing

After action from Jamie and locals, Inner West Council has promised to replace a vital traffic safety island and crossing that has been missing since the Rozelle explosion.

The island and crossing signage on the corner of Darling and Nelson Street Rozelle were removed to make way for emergency service vehicles at the time of the explosion in September 2014 and have never been replaced.

Jamie Parker said:

“The former elected council had over 18 months to address this issue and the unelected administrator had the same length of time to reinstall the crossing.

As a resident of Rozelle, I know just how dangerous this crossing can be. Local residents have been asking the council to replace this crossing signage and island for over a year. Despite repeated promises there has been no action.

This crossing has exposed pedestrians to unnecessary risks for three years now.

Drivers are unable to see the crossing, which is used by children going to school and elderly people going to the community centre.

It’s completely unacceptable that both councils have refused to act on this vital safety feature. I'm glad that the council has now agreed to take action to restore the crossing to make sure pedestrians using our local high street are protected.”

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  • Jeff Parsons
    commented 2017-11-11 00:36:40 +1100
    Perhaps the cause of delay may be with Roads & Maritime Services , not council? I only say that because I recently sent an email to C-o-S suggesting a pedestrian crossing be made on the corner of Arundel & Ross streets, Forest Lodge. There’s been an increase of kids in the area and due to there not being any safe crossings along Ross street except at the traffic lights on Parramatta Rd & St Johns Rd, it’s a bit much to have to be expected to walk up to the lights and back when you just want to continue on along Arundel St. A member from the C-o-S wrote back saying pedestrian crossings were the control of Roads & Maritime Services & not council.

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