Calling out an ugly political attack

Don't reward corruption - news clipsMEDIA RELEASE – February 10, 2016
Thursday’s public hearing by NSW Parliament’s Committee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption is nothing more than a political show trial designed to undermine the corruption-fighting work of the ICAC.

Greens anti-corruption spokesperson, Jamie Parker MP, expressed concern that the ICAC is again under fire from hard right wing elements within the Liberal Government who seem determined to weaken the Commission’s ability to fight corruption.

“The Committee Chair, Damien Tudehope, has set the tone with his rogue act to independently send a list of questions to Commissioner Latham. It is no coincidence that the Liberals want to smear the ICAC after so many of Mr Tudehope’s right-wing Liberal colleagues were caught out taking illegal political donations,” said Mr Parker.

“The reported threat to sack the Commissioner if she refuses to answer questions displays an outrageous over-reach by the Liberal Party Chair of the Committee as the ICAC Act proscribes the sharing of operational information. 

“The last thing ICAC needs is politicians who may have an axe to grind interfering in important corruption-fighting work.

“If Premier Baird has any credibility he should reel in the politically prejudiced antics of his Committee Chair and remove the impediments to ICAC’s important work. Mr Baird needs to stand against these moves to publically discredit ICAC and strip it of critical corruption fighting powers,” said Mr Parker.


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