Campaign to secure Callan Park gains momentum

callan-park-saved-by-the-people.jpgMEDIA RELEASE: July 17, 2015
Speaking after his well-attended meeting with two ministers on Friday, Jamie Parker said he was encouraged by the Government’s commitment to advancing the Callan Park Trust.

“I was pleased to convene today’s meeting between Leichhardt Council, Friends of Callan Park, the Minister for Planning, the Minister for the Environment, and the Office of Environment and Heritage,” said Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain.

“This was another positive step forward in the campaign to finally secure the future of Callan Park.

“Although on 1 July 2015 responsibility for the Callan Park site moved from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority to the Office of Environment and Heritage, there are still multiple authorities with care, control and management of different sections of Callan Park.

“I pressed the Ministers to expedite approval of Leichhardt Council’s skate park which has been awaiting sign off from the Department of Health as the relevant landholder.

“During our meeting with the Ministers, I proposed a working party including representatives from Leichhardt Council and Friends of Callan Park to progress the establishment of a Trust which will then ensure proper care, control and management for the whole site.

“I remain committed to protecting Callan Park from any sale or subdivision and believe the site should be properly funded to protect it from demolition-by-neglect.

“I again thank the community for the countless hours of work over the past 10 years. It is the result of community vigilance and action which has effectively defended Callan Park from overdevelopment and piecemeal carving up of the site.

“With development hot spots all over the inner west, Callan Park, its open spaces, health facilities and heritage significance, remains invaluable to the wellbeing and sustainability of the community,” said Mr Parker.


For further comment from Jamie Parker: 0413581603 (Lesa de Leau)

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