Car park opens at former Balmain Tigers Leagues Club

Property developer Heworth Development has announced they will reopen the carpark at the former Balmain Tigers Leagues Club site.

Commenting on the development application, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain said:

“Opening up the car park for public use is an important sign of goodwill from the new developers.

“This decision shows Heworth is serious about working with local residents to end the stalemate that has prevented any progress on this site for almost ten years.   

“We don’t want to wait another ten years watching this site become more and more derelict but people are worried that the current proposal will create traffic havoc, over shadow homes and dominate the nigh street. 

“With a development proposal for three towers 11, 12 and 13 stories high, residents and local business are right to be concerned about the scale and density of the development.

“I’m committed to ensuring we get an appropriate development on this site and see the return of the Balmain Tigers to their spiritual home.


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