Carriageworks saved!

The NSW Government has committed to granting Carriageworks an initial 10-year lease over the Eveleigh railyards and five years guaranteed funding.

Thank you to the 5,005 people who signed our petition calling on the government to reset their funding priorities and guarantee funding to keep Carriageworks alive.

While we are yet to see the details of the proposal, a long term lease and a commitment to future annual funding of $2.5 million were two conditions that the KPMG administrator said needed to be met for the organisation to avoid liquidation.

This is a wonderful outcome and we will be monitoring the details of the proposal closely in the coming weeks and months to ensure it allows for an independent and vibrant Carriageworks into the future.

If this commitment does succeed Carriageworks will re-emerge in the midst of an economic downturn. Both Carriageworks and the resident companies it supports will be counting on the backing of our community to survive.

Some people think that they can’t win against bad government decisions like this but our community has proved once again that we can.

Presenting the Carriageworks petition
Jamie Parker MP, Cate Faehrmann MLC and Jenny Leong MP presenting the Carriageworks petition 2 June 2020

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