City of Sydney Council - Voting on Harold Park

The issue of Harold Park has come before City of Sydney Council twice and both times only the Greens have voted against the plan that Council is now rushing headlong towards.

On July 26th 2010 all Clover Moore Party Councillors, as well as the Liberal Councillor and Labor’s Meredith Burgmann voted to endorse the Harold Park planning proposal. The voting record for this is shown below:

It is resolved that: …Council endorse the Planning Proposal: Sydney Local Environmental Plan (Harold Park) 2010… The motion was carried on the following show of hands:

Ayes (8):
The Lord Mayor (Clover Moore Party), Councillors Black (CMP), Hoff (CMP), Kok (CMP), McInerney (CMP), Tornai (CMP), Mallard (Liberal) and Burgmann (Labor)

Noes (2):
Councillors Doutney (Greens) and Harris (Greens)

For the full text of the motion that was passed, see this extract from the meeting minutes.

On the 24th of September, an extraordinary meeting of Council was held following the Planning Proposal having been presented to Harold Park’s current owners, the Harness Racing Club (HRC). Despite the generosity of the initial planning proposal the HRC had made further demands. At the meeting, the Lord Mayor Clover Moore moved a motion to accept the bulk of those demands and begin negotiating a planning agreement.

The full report can be found here. Once again, only the two Greens Councillors voted against the proposal, as shown here in this extract from the meeting’s minutes.

It is un-surprising that the Liberal and Labor Councillors are so supportive of a proposal such as this, given the long history both parties have of favouring developers over the community. What is more disappointing is the gusto with which Clover Moore and her team of ‘independents’ have supported it.

Clover was for a long time seen as a true community advocate, but in recent years her willingness to cooperate with the sate government on large developments such as this seems to have won out over her former grassroots philosophy.

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