City of Sydney grants now open

Applications are now open for the City of Sydney’s first round grants for 2017. Eligible projects must be located in the City's area or provide significant benefit to the City's residents and businesses.

Here are the details:

Community Services Grants

Supports organisations to deliver community programs or projects that support sustainable communities and contribute to a connected, liveable, inclusive and engaged city. The program assists organisations to pilot or trial innovative services or establish a program that addresses an unmet need for City of Sydney residents, workers and visitors.

For projects occurring 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018.

Cultural and creative grants

Supports projects and initiatives that provide opportunities for creative participation, enhance creativity in the public domain and strengthen the sustainability and capacity of the City’s cultural and creative industries. 

For projects occurring 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018.

Environmental performance grants

Offers a powerful incentive to act and make change by offering support focused on encouraging innovation and environmental leadership, and addressing some of the barriers that communities face when considering action. Three environmental specific grants programs are now open for application. 

For projects occurring 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018.

Festivals and events sponsorship

Supports festivals and events that celebrate, develop and engage the city’s communities under 2 categories:

Artform – festivals and events that provide important contexts for the work of artists, showcase innovation in artform and help build connections between artists and audiences.

Village and community – festivals and events that celebrate the spirit of a community and build opportunities to share its cultural characteristics with a wider public. Also supports events that nurture and amplify the unique characteristics of the city and village precincts, and meet the City’s broader place-making objectives and showcase a local community, including local business.

For projects occurring 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018.

Matching grants

Encourages communities to improve, enhance, or celebrate their local neighbourhood or business precinct. The intent of the program is to support grassroots and local projects that contribute to vibrant sustainable communities and economies, by matching contributions towards a project.

For projects occurring 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018.

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