Our future lies with our minds, not mines. Future-proofing our state means investing in clean, green jobs led by innovation not dirty mines and tollways. Sydney is home to world-leading health and medical research centres whose success and impact is constantly under threat by funding cuts. We need to catch up with the global increase in investment in renewable energy and focus on retrofitting our infrastructure for a cleaner, greener future.

Read the Greens policy on industry here

Secure better research funding for the long term and protect innovation and research centres. Invest in renewable energy and foster start-ups and innovation.  

Global warming is threatening our way of life. We can’t afford Labor and the Liberal’s plan to keep building dirty coal mines. The International Energy Agency says we need to keep over two-thirds of existing coal and gas reserves in the ground. Switching to renewable energy will cut pollution, create tens of thousands of jobs and safeguard our economy, climate and the environment for future generations.

Read the Greens policy on climate change here and energy here

Ban coal seam gas and commit to no new coal. Implement our costed plan to transition to 100% renewable energy for NSW and fund neighbourhood solar projects.

The ICAC is our last line of defence against efforts by the rich and powerful to rort our democracy. After exposing corrupt and illegal activities by so many Liberal and Labor MPs, the work of ICAC is always at risk of being undermined. ICAC has already been forced to sack investigators, weakening its power to uncover corruption in NSW.

Strengthen laws that protect whistleblowers and introduce new laws to capture corruption, bribery and misconduct. Fully fund ICAC.

Selling off public assets and public land is a short sighted strategy to raise revenue, letting corporations and developers profit from assets which should belong to all of us. We need to maintain public control of essential services and assets, especially our public housing properties.  


Protect the Powerhouse Museum site from privatisation and prevent public housing sell-offs. I unequivocally oppose the privatisation of our bus network and wider transport system.

Everyone has the right to work and to be paid a living wage. The convenience of the gig and sharing economies shouldn’t come at the cost of fair wages or proper working conditions. The law now works in favour of big corporations and too many Australians are trapped in casual employment with no job security or ability to plan for their future. It’s critical that women have access to family-friendly workplaces, flexible hours and affordable childcare.

Read the Greens policy on work and industrial relations here

Extend minimum employment standards to workers in new forms of contracting arrangements. Defend the right of working people to take industrial action when they need to.

Small businesses play an important role within our local area, strengthening the local community and contributing significantly to the vibrancy of the high streets in Glebe, Annandale, Rozelle, Leichhardt and Balmain. With half the workforce in NSW employed by small businesses, it’s critical that we support and promote local enterprise in the Inner West by defending dwindling industrial zoned land.

Protect local employment zones, abolish payroll tax in NSW, strengthen competition laws, and export support.


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