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"MP Jamie Parker has been leading the charge on this
(anti-corruption) issue ... " ABC NewsRadio, 17 August 2014


Were you shocked by revelations at the 2014 Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) hearings, which brought down Premier Barry O'Farrell and, at last count, have seen nine Liberal MPs step aside because of illegal donations? Sadly, I wasn't.

Labor and the Liberals have united to vote against Greens’ proposals for a federal ICAC. With the Greens, I successfully negotiated to strengthen electoral finance laws to reduce the corrosive influence of political donations. I also won support for my 2014 resolution to secure ICAC funding now, and into the future.

The Greens NSW do not accept corporate donations. Corruption affects us all, because it means politicians are more interested in profits for their developer contacts, rather than providing clean, efficient public transport.

Please view my speech on this topic:

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