Clean Up Australia Day 2017

Hats off to the hard working people who got up early last Sunday to make our local area more beautiful on Clean Up Australia Day.

I joined volunteers who braved the rain and the early hour to clean up Blackmore Oval and Ann Cashman Reserve in Leichhardt as well as Spindlers Park in Annandale.

Over the last 26 years Clean Up Australia Day volunteers have donated more than 31 million hours to removing more than 331 thousand tonnes of rubbish from their streets, beaches, parks, bushland and local waterways. That's the equivalent of end to end fully laden utes from Sydney to Brisbane via the coastline!

Reducing the plastic waste in our environment is more important than ever. According to recent reports, more than half the world's turtles and two-thirds of some bird species along Australia's east coast are being found to have ingested plastics. With plastic production almost doubling each decade, the world's oceans are receiving a proportional increase in plastic waste.


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