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Are you shocked by the revelations at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) which brought down Premier Barry O'Farrell and continue to reveal influence-peddling and corruption at every turn?

Then join me in my campaign to bring back clean politics and good governance for the people of NSW. Sign this petition to show the government that you care about standing up to corruption.

 Read more about the issue on our campaign page: CLEAN POLITICS NOW.




Dear Premier,

Here are six critical steps we can take right now to restore integrity and public confidence in the government:

1. Lobbying transparency: All lobbying of ministers, parliamentary secretaries, ministerial staff and public servants should be minuted, and those minutes made publicly available online.

2. Limiting lobbying influence through political parties: 
Ban officials who have held positions in government from professional lobbying for five years.

3. Full personal financial disclosure: 
Require all MPs to disclose the financial affairs of their family members to make it harder to hide the proceeds of corrupt dealings; impose unexplained wealth tests on MPs; and require full disclosure of an MP’s personal and family financial interests.

4. Closing the revolving door between public office and industry:
 Extend the cooling-off period between holding public office and working for an industry that was regulated by the public official to cover all public servants and ministerial staff.

5. Ban the corrosive effect of political donations: G
reater transparency, ban donations to political parties from mining companies and government contractors, and extend limits on spending and donations to local government elections. 

6. Secure ICAC's future and a federal ICAC: The Greens are working for a constitutional amendment to secure the Independent Commission Against Corruption's future and protect it from retribution for exposing the behaviour of powerful members of parliament.

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