Commonwealth Parliament Association Study Tour

Balmain MP Jamie Parker will visit Malaysia, India, Singapore and the UK during a Commonwealth Parliament Association study tour commencing 9 July 2022.

Jamie is a former mayor and local councillor who holds the Heritage portfolio for The Greens NSW. The electorate of Balmain contains some of our states most precious heritage buildings and reflects an historical pattern of development strongly influenced by the UK. 

The tour will include meetings and site visits with government officials, NGOs, architects, Members of Parliament and academics with a specific focus on built heritage.

Jamie has also been invited to attend a meeting of the London Assembly’s Environment Committee and will be visiting the UK and Maharashtra parliaments.

Jamie Parker MP says: “With a shared colonial history, we have so much to learn from countries like Malaysia, India and Singapore around how they preserve and protect heritage buildings and adapt them for modern use.

"In the UK I will be able to better understand some of the leading heritage protection policies in the world. I am looking forward to using the lessons I learn from this research to better inform policy development right here in NSW," he says. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

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