Community anger as O'Farrell follows Labor's privatisation agenda

Public meeting: 7pm Wed 1st Feb, St Helen's Community Centre, 184 Glebe Point Road Glebe

Greens MP Jamie Parker has spoken in support of community groups and residents opposing the privatisation of the previously publicly owned site at Cowper St, Glebe.

The public housing estate at Cowper and Elger Streets was demolished earlier this year with over 50% of the new dwellings to be privately owned.

"This is another example of publicly owned land going into the hands of private developers, and the community ultimately losing," Mr Parker said.

"I'm calling on the new government to reconsider plans for the Cowper Street project to ensure the focus is on public and affordable housing, not private dwellings."

The Central Sydney Planning Committee of the City of Sydney Council met recently to consider a development application (DA) by the Department of Housing regarding the site. The DA proposes to sell off a large portion the site for private development and retain some land to rebuild public housing.

"The report to Council confirmed that there will be no integration of public, affordable and private housing because the three types of housing will be built on separate parts of the site and will be owned and controlled separately," Mr Parker said.

"Community concerns include the lack of affordable and public housing, insufficient open space and traffic impacts.

"This development has the potential to provide more and better public housing than a lousy 150 bedsits for the elderly.

"By making Elger Street over 50% private, the O’Farrell Government has privatised over half the development, thereby contributing to housing stress and the decline of housing affordability in the Inner West.

"The Premier should listen to the concerns of the community and engage in a genuine consultation about this development," Mr Parker said.

Mr Parker will join community groups Hands Off Glebe and the Glebe Society at a public meeting on the issue:
When: 7pm Wednesday 1st February
Where: St Helen's Community Centre, 184 Glebe Point Road Glebe

More information: Jamie Parker 9660 7586 or 0418 428 089

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