Media Release: Community saves public housing but more to be done

The decision by Housing Minister Melinda Pavey to commit to 100% social housing in the redevelopment at Cowper St and Wentworth Park Road in Glebe is a huge win by the community and a welcome change but there’s far more to be done, say NSW Greens MPs, Jamie Parker and Jenny Leong.

Jamie Parker MP – Member for Balmain and NSW Greens spokesperson on Planning

“The government was originally proposing to set aside less than half of the site for public housing. The community made clear that taking public land and effectively privatising 70% of it was unacceptable. This decision demonstrates that community action can and does change government decisions, and will strengthen the resolve of Franklyn Street residents who are facing their own unacceptable redevelopment proposal.

“I’ve been so proud to see the support for public housing tenants and the effort to maintain our diverse community. We will continue to press the government on this issue.”

Jenny Leong MP - Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing

“The inner city and inner west communities are committed to doing all we can to protect public housing because we know there’s a deepening housing crisis across Sydney.

"This about turn shows that the government is realising that their Communities Plus formula of privatising 70% of any redevelopments on public land is completely unacceptable, especially now as the waiting list for public housing continues to grow and more and more people cannot find affordable homes.

“The community is demanding a similar commitment for 100% public and affordable housing at Explorer Street, South Eveleigh and throughout the Waterloo housing estate - it’s vital that the government also heeds these calls.”

Monday, 22 March 2021

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