Crude: The Incredible Journey of Oil and Our Addiction To It

Ever thought about where the > petrol in your car’s fuel tank comes from? 

That’s where the story of “Crude: petrol in your car’s fuel tank comes from? The Incredible Journey of Oil” begins around 160 million years ago in the area now known as the Middle East, which was then covered by sea.

The key players in this story are the plentiful microscopic photosynthetic plants and bacteria which were harvesting the energy of sunlight on the surface of that ancient sea.

This energy they stored millions of years ago is the origin of the diesel fuel powering your bus to work, jet fuel for your flight overseas, plastic bags that hold your purchases from the supermarket as well as being pivotal to many more items you can see around you like bottled water.

Read more at Neerav Bhatt's Blog "Rambling Thoughts"

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