Save Dawn Fraser Baths

Dawn Fraser Baths is an iconic NSW heritage-listed harbour pool which is much loved by our community. Dawny is in need of urgent upgrades to raise the boardwalk and pavilions.

Much of the work needed is due to the impact of climate change and rising sea levels which will likely threaten the future of the pool. 

While responsibility for funding these repairs lies solely with the Council, local rate payers should not be the only ones to carry the $6.7m upgrade cost given the state heritage listing and the role of climate change. 

Sign the petition to tell the Minister for Sport you support the Inner West Council’s application for $2.2m to help save Dawn Fraser Baths.

Dear Minister,

Dawn Fraser Baths is in need of urgent upgrades to raise the boardwalk and pavilions to protect the pool from rising sea levels caused by climate change. 

I support the request from the Inner West Council for grant funding of $2.2 million dollars through the Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund for this urgent repair project.


Will you sign?