Government stands to profit: developer

September 8, 2010 INNER WEST COURIER
Barangaroo developer Lend Lease appears to have confirmed criticism that it will pay the State Government more if it is allowed bigger buildings on the controversial Sydney Harbour foreshore site.

Lend Lease's head of development David Hutton told the Inner West Courier: "It is not the developer getting all the benefit of all of the floor space".

"The Government is aligned with the economic rewards from Barangaroo." He said the Government "will participate in all the value out of Barangaroo" with the addition of the hotel pier and "5 or 6 per cent extra floor space beyond what is the current concept plan".

Mr Hutton's revelation has incensed the scheme's critics, who say it underlines the conflict of interest the Government faces in assessing this project.

"The Government is fatally conflicted and they have been all along," Barangaroo Action Group spokesman Ian Campbell said. "How could they possibly claim to be unbiased and representing the public interest when they have signed a deal like this?"

Leichhardt mayor Jamie Parker said the arrangement destroyed any illusions in the government's impartiality.

"The public cannot have any faith in this process unless there is an independent third party that assesses this project because of the appearance of a conflict of interest."

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