Don't privatise our buses

Sign our petition against the privatisation of Inner West bus routes.

Dear Premier Berejiklian and Minister Constance,

Sydney deserves world class public transport, and the bus system is a critical part of this.

The answer to improving bus services is not for the government simply to wash their hands of the matter and sell them off.

Instead, we need to see a genuine commitment to improving these public transport services with proper investment in making sure the people of the Inner West can get where they need to go in the most efficient way possible.

If the network is privatized, we are concerned about the impact on both services and jobs.

We want better bus services, not a sell off.

Yours sincerely,

Who's signing

Selena Kilfoyle
Paul Griffin
Judy Pincus
Sandra Gates
Peter Rodionoff
Bridget Behan
Josephine Perret
carolyn ienna
Amy Simpson
Melinda Lyne
John Cena
Kealan Coleman
Suzanne Fitzgerald
Melanie Hawcroft
Jennifer Edwards
Carole Jones
Cem Erarslan
Michelle Dixon
Marie-France Stockdale
Roderick Beehag
Shirley Hesse
Tristan Morgan
Andrew Mathas
P. Seibel
Nicholas Nicola
Ronald Reynolds
Narelle Ryan
John Clark
Emma Doyle
Teresa Wilkinson

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