Don't Superfund WestConnex

We want our super funds to support healthy and secure lives in our retirement. But, what if the money in our super funds was contributing to the exact opposite?

What if our super funds were considering investing our money in polluting and unsustainable projects like WestConnex?

Write to your Superfund now to let them know you want your superannuation fund to support clean and sustainable projects, not infrastructure projects like WestConnex. 

Click Here To Make Your Submission Now or

Click Here To Download a copy of the submission letter and return completed to 112a Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037



Who's signing

David Arnold
Mikayla Williams
David Sciascia
Serge Martich-Osterman
Leslie Johnston
Rick van der Zwan
Narelle Wilson
Robert Turner
James Heeney
Yi-Jen Hsieh
maria Nugent
M Quah
Heath Reed
Michelle Warren
Josephine Perret
Carolyn Ienna
Kealan Coleman
Rhiannon Cosgrove
Christine Janssen
Sylvia Sagi
Andrew Deane
Mariela Chisari
Anthony Chisari
Donna Maegraith
Judy Cashmore

Will you sign?

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