Jamie's e-news 3 July 2015

Save our city from WestCONnex rally 12pm Saturday 4 July, Goddard Park, ConcordSave our city WestCONnex rally
Community opposition to the mega-expensive and mega-polluting WestConnex tollroad continues to increase. Join other concerned citizens tomorrow in Concord. Wear something warm and enjoy the sunshine. More info here

Jamie's e-news 29 June 2015

The past month has been a busy time, with the 2015 Budget being handed down in the NSW Parliament. One thing is clear: the Liberal government is focused on pushing through its massive development and sale agenda, with public and social services being left far behind.

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Jamie's E-News May 8, 2015


Parliament returned this week for the first time since the March election. In response to the recent High Court decision and calls for swift action - my comments as The Greens anti-corruption spokesperson featured in two front page stories in the Sydney Morning Herald 24 April and 6 May - the government rushed through legislation relating to the ICAC. Whilst the bill ensures people who have been found to be corrupt cannot now scurry to the courts for exoneration, it does not restore ICAC's powers. In fact, the Premier’s announcement earlier this week causes us some concern.

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They said we couldn't do it

Despite all the political machines, the naysayers and the cynics you helped make history in Balmain, again! 

We made history in 2011 with the first Greens MP elected to the lower house of parliament, and we just confirmed it was no fluke. 

Without you we could not have achieved this fantastic outcome.  Jamie_and_Jenny_front_page.jpg

On primary votes we experienced a swing of over 6% to The Greens.  This is despite the ABC's projected margin being 0.4% following the boundary adjustments in the 2013 electoral redistribution.

The Greens topped the count in just about every polling booth and we won traditionally conservative booths in Birchgrove, as well as former ALP strongholds like Glebe Town Hall and Peter Forsyth Auditorium.

And it is even more exciting that I will be joined by two other Greens MPs from Newtown and Ballina.  Check out some of these numbers...

Re-elect Jamie Parker for Balmain

NSW ELECTION MARCH 2015Jamie_field_of_Green_2.jpg

In this election your vote is powerful. In this election you can do something no one else can.

You will decide if we keep a Greens MP as a strong, independent voice in the middle of parliament, or elect just another Liberal or Labor MP under the sway of the factions.

Over the past four years, Jamie has delivered a strong record of achievements, and stood up to vested interests and the poor decisions of the Liberal government.

The Greens have never taken a dollar from a developer, and you can count on Jamie to stand up for our community and protect the things that make it so special.


Working with our local community, Jamie:

▲ Campaigned successfully for the light rail extension to Dulwich Hill
▲ Won a full feasibility study to extend light rail along Parramatta Road
▲ Drove the campaign to expose the culture of corruption in NSW Parliament
▲ Helped restore funding to local women’s and young peoples’ refuges
▲ Secured funds to upgrade ferry services
▲ Saved Glebe Youth Service from eviction
▲ Saved a vital lung program at Balmain Hospital

Some of Jamie’s resolutions passed in Parliament include:

▲ Investing in pre-school education
▲ Securing ICAC funding now and in the future
▲ Improving local public transport
▲ Protecting wages and conditions

Jamie has delivered almost one million dollars in grants funding to local schools, environment projects, sporting clubs, women’s refuges and childcare centres.






Jamie was delighted to find out this week that Holly Stewart, the General Manager of the Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre, had won the 2015 NSW Local Woman of the Year Award for the Balmain Electorate.

(Holly Stewart (centre, in purple) with Jamie and staff from the Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre)

NEWSLETTER: Deadlines are approaching to have your say ...

February 9, 2015

Dear Friend,

I feel very lucky to be living in our community, and I'm working hard to protect what is so special about it. One of the biggest challenges we face is unsustainable planning and over-development, with all the threats they pose to our community, environment and heritage. The WestConnex tollroad and the Parramatta Road redevelopment, if allowed to continue as planned, are projects that will dramatically reduce liveability in our communities.

Hands Off Public Housing Rally

PH_rally_FB_square.jpgJoin me and other concerned residents at noon on Saturday to protest the Liberal State Government's sell-off of inner-city public housing. We will also be calling for public housing and affordable housing only to be built on the Cowper Street site which has shamefully been sitting empty since 2011.

corner Bay & Wentworth Sts, Glebe

Do you care about the availability of public housing in the Inner City & Inner West? Sign our petition - and share with your friends


Congratulations to new Leichhardt mayor

rochelle-porteous150.jpgCongratulations to the Greens' Rochelle Porteous, Leichhardt Council's new mayor. 

Rochelle is a highly respected advocate for the community who has served on council for 10 years. She has recently been chair of the traffic committee, the environment committee, the climate change taskforce, the community services, safety and facilities committee, and the bicycle advisory committee.

I look forward to working with Rochelle - and the new deputy mayor Daniel Kogoy - and council on our progressive, caring vision for the community.

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