We won! Community campaign saves Glebe Youth Service from sell-off

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Glebe Youth Service will return to its home on Glebe Point Road by mid-February, following a successful community campaign to defend the building from being sold off by the NSW government.

Greens MP Jamie Parker paid tribute to the hundreds of community members who rallied behind the service and refused to concede to the government’s privatisation agenda.

“This is truly a testimony to the power of community campaigning – the government was forced to listen to the hundreds of people who signed petitions, attended the rally and wrote messages of support for the Glebe Youth Service,” Mr Parker said.

“This community joined together to show the NSW Liberal government that we will not allow them to close down this vital service and sell the building off to the highest bidder.

“We called on the Minister and the government to guarantee the building would not be sold and would continue to be used for the youth of Glebe, particularly for the local Aboriginal community.

“GYS has been delivering invaluable programs for 28 years and I was determined to ensure its return to Glebe Point Road, where it has become an important hub dedicated to delivering services for the community.

“I’m grateful to the staff of the Land and Housing Corporation and Housing NSW who met with us a number of times, listened to our concerns and acknowledged the value of GYS.

“The closure seriously impacted the community, removing vital services without notice or consultation.

“We need to remain vigilant to the Liberal government’s privatisation agenda - the former Labor government underfunded public housing and allowed it to fall into disrepair and now the Liberals are looking for excuses to sell it off,” Mr Parker said.

Glebe Youth Service (GYS) has delivered vital services to the community for decades but was recently locked out of its building following claims by the Land and Housing Corporation of fire and safety issues. There were strong concerns the Service would not be returned to the building and that it would instead be sold off as prime real estate.

Hundreds rallied in support of GYS and called on Minister Goward and the Liberal government to return Glebe Youth Service to its home at 84 Glebe Point Road.

On Christmas Eve, the Land and Housing Corporation and Housing NSW confirmed they were working on a proposal to return the Glebe Youth Service to 84 Glebe Point Road by mid-February 2014.

Media contact: Alison Martin 0432 941 533 or 9660 7586

Read the announcement from Glebe Youth Service

Thank you: time to reflect and celebrate 2013

 Thank you for all your support this year – we have achieved so much together and your support has made all the difference. As the first Greens MP in the Lower House of the NSW Parliament, I’ve worked hard to stand up for our community and to protect what we love about our neighbourhoods. With your support, we’re a powerful force and we have some great wins to celebrate.

Thank you for your part in these campaigns:

Save Glebe Youth Service - sign the petition

The Glebe Youth Service (GYS) fulfils an invaluable role in the Glebe community, promoting social cohesion, encouraging young leaders and creating a safe and supportive space.
Join the campaign to save Glebe Youth Service - sign the petition here

With over 90% of service users identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, GYS has a profound impact on young people and the wider community, making a powerful difference through a range of programs including a drop in centre, free meals, education programs, crime aversion programs and counselling.

GYS has been shut out of its Glebe Point Road premises as a result of an adverse fire safety report. This closure has already had serious impacts on the community, removing vital services without notice or consultation. There are strong concerns this is the first step in selling off the building and evicting GYS altogether.

The premises at 84 Glebe Point Road is ideally located and resourced to be a central hub and home to GYS.

Unless we mobilise a strong community campaign, it's likely GYS will never be returned to 84 Glebe Point Road.

Help up put pressure on the government to act: write to the Minister for Family and Community Services requesting a guarantee that GYS will be returned to 84 Glebe Point Road following the completion of required safety and maintenance work.

Click through for a recent article on this situation in the Inner West Courier:
Residents rally to save youth service


Greens MP welcomes Laneway Festival to Callan Park in 2014

Greens MP Jamie Parker has spoken out in support of the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival returning to Callan Park in 2014, noting he is pleased that the report from Leichhardt Council’s staff has responded to community concerns.

Mr Parker said:

“As Mayor I was delighted to vote for and formally open the Laneway Festival at Callan Park in 2011 and it has been fantastic to see it become more and more popular every year.

“Laneway is a great festival which attracts both Australian and International musicians and we’re fortunate to be able to host it here in the Inner West.

“I can fully understand local and heritage concerns and I am pleased that the report from Council’s staff has responded to the concerns raised by residents particularly in relation to protecting Callan Park and surrounding residential areas.

“I note that my Greens colleagues have voted to ensure support for the festival at Council meetings in both 2011 and 2012.

“We Greens have been strongly supportive of the Festival since it began and we continue to look for more ways to promote live music locally,” Mr Parker said.

Media contact: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

Sign our petition to keep White Bay clean

As you’re probably aware, cruise ships berthed at White Bay create air and noise pollution which significantly impacts on residents in local streets.

The cruise market is a significant growth segment of the tourism industry, which means pollution will increase.

Sydney Ports currently monitors air pollution using a machine located at the end of Adolphus St on a cliff top, which does not accurately reflect the amount of pollution to which residents are subjected.

Help put pressure on the government to address the concerns of residents about air and noise pollution by writing to the Minister:

Sign our petition now

Greens MP Jamie Parker is holding a public meeting on the issue:
6pm - 7pm Tuesday 26th November
Clontarf Cottage - 4 Wallace St Balmain
RSVP: 9660 7586 or [email protected]

Media: Alison Martin 0432 941 533

Standing up for our children - sign our petition

With a projected increase of over 1000 students over the next 5 years in the Balmain electorate, the government must act urgently to ensure our children can access the best possible education.

There has been a complete failure to plan for growth by both the former Labor government and the Liberal Coalition and it is not fair that children and families are suffering as a result.

Please sign our petition calling on the Minister to commit to planning for our children’s future.




A4 Education_131021_small


Electorate Newsletter- October 14th 2013

I’ve been particularly active on schools and education and have met with local parents, principals, Department officials and the Minister. Our kids deserve a world-class education and I am committed to improving our schools and expanding educational opportunities for everyone.

With a projected increase of over 1000 students over the next 5 years in our electorate alone, the State government must act urgently to ensure our children have the school space and resources they need to get the best possible start in life. I’ve also been advocating for a more family friendly sibling policy and the expansion of Sydney Secondary School’s Leichhardt campus.

See below for more details on what else we’ve been working on.



Working to end childhood sexual assault

Work with us: Research Assistant

The Research Assistant (RA) will be the key strategic adviser to the Member, including political strategy on areas of portfolio responsibility and issues relevant to the electorate, policy advice and management of parliamentary and electorate activities.

The RA will lead and work closely with the Member’s team of staff, including advising on and negotiating communications, media and other strategies with the Member’s Electorate Officers.

As the principle adviser and strategist to the Member the RA is required to accompany the Member on parliamentary business, public engagements and meetings as required.

Research Assistant Position Description

Inquiries: Fiona Byrne, Electorate Officer, Balmain Electorate Office
Telephone (02) 9660 7586
Email to [email protected]

Candidates should address the selection criteria and include a CV with the details of two referees.

By email: [email protected], using the subject line: Research Assistant application, Balmain electorate office

Or by mail marked "Confidential" to:
Colin Brown
Manager, Recruitment and Training
Parliament of NSW
Macquarie Street

Applications Close: 16 August 2013

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