Jamie's E-News May 8, 2015


Parliament returned this week for the first time since the March election. In response to the recent High Court decision and calls for swift action - my comments as The Greens anti-corruption spokesperson featured in two front page stories in the Sydney Morning Herald 24 April and 6 May - the government rushed through legislation relating to the ICAC. Whilst the bill ensures people who have been found to be corrupt cannot now scurry to the courts for exoneration, it does not restore ICAC's powers. In fact, the Premier’s announcement earlier this week causes us some concern.

A panel has been established with broad terms of reference to review the ICAC’s powers and responsibilities. Conservative critics of the ICAC will be delighted with any opportunity to weaken the Commission’s corruption-fighting role. It is critical these terms of reference are not used as a Trojan Horse to attack an important institution that deserves the unanimous support of all sides of politics.

You can read more of my work on anti-corruption here

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Member for Balmain


White_Bay_street.jpgLast week I met with new Environment Minister Mark Speakman and his staff regarding the White Bay cruise ship terminal and impacts on nearby residents. It was a productive and encouraging meeting. The Minister made a commitment to amend the NSW Clean Air Regulation with improvements to come in three stages.

Firstly, to mandate from 1 July 2015 that cruise ship auxiliary engines use ultra-low sulphur diesel (0.001%) when at berth. Secondly, from 1 October 2015 cruise ship main engines must use low sulphur fuel (0.1%) when at berth. Thirdly, cruise ships must switch to low sulphur fuel when entering Sydney Harbour. These steps will undoubtedly make a difference by reducing the poisonous impacts of sulphur dioxide but there is still more to do.

I congratulate the residents who have articulately and doggedly presented their case. I will continue to pursue the government until shore to ship power is installed and other locations investigated for cruise ships to berth that won’t impact unfairly on a local community. Add your support here. Read more about the issue here


callan-park-saved-by-the-people.jpgKeeping pressure on the government, I met this week with new Planning Minister Rob Stokes to present our plan to secure the protection of Callan Park in perpetuity. The Minister’s enthusiastic appreciation of this valuable jewel in our electorate was encouraging. I look forward to the government supporting our call for a Callan Park Trust, and then working with the Trust to implement the Master Plan. As well as ensuring a sustainable long-term funding model, our goal is to restore the moral heart of Callan Park and return mental health services.

If you haven’t yet signed our online petition you can do it now – show you care about the protection and proper management of Callan Park.


Here I am with fellow Greens MPs Jenny Leong (Newtown) and Tamara Smith (Ballina) outside Parliament House participating in a special event to honour and respect those killed as a result of domestic family violence.


My team and I can help you with any concerns you may have about public housing, public transport, health, planning and development, education, childcare, or any other local or state issue. Call us on 96607586 or email [email protected]

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